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    Connecting people through social plans, business plans, helpful plans: fun activities, fun stuff, what to do and cool things to do near me today, this weekend or right now

    Things to do near me

    If you are bored and do not know very well what to do you can sign up for various types of plans near you in your city. We have plans for all types so you'll always have things to do.

    Free stuff to do

    There are plans, activities and things to do for all kinds of economies. Of course there are free plans where the most important thing is to spend a fun time with people who can be our friends in the future.

    Fun activities to do

    How much fun an activity can be is in your imagination although sometimes the people they are with are the ones who make an experience fun.

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    • Do you have any experience recorded?

      If you have any amazing activity recorded that you want to share with the world then send it to us

      What can you send to us?

      Any kind of experience, activity or thing to do that you think is fun and worthwhile.

      Where you can share that?

      Please, send to us videos by WeTransfer to the following email :


      We will store and edit to publish in our PlentyOfPlans Youtube Channel and of course you or your business will receive promotion.